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Little Rock’s residents favor metal roofs for their exceptional durability, a crucial factor in facing the region’s occasional severe weather, including storms and heavy rainfall. The reflective properties of metal roofs also provide respite from the Arkansas sun, contributing to cooler homes during hot summers and enhanced energy efficiency. Trust our expert team at Brown’s Roofing to find metal roofing solutions that match your specific needs and preferences. Contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection!

Brands We Work With

We work with trusted brands like Medlins and Metal Mart, guaranteeing quality and durability for your investment. Our commitment to quality ensures your investment reaps the numerous benefits of metal roofing, including exceptional longevity and energy efficiency.

Types of Metal We Use


Durable and corrosion-resistant, aluminum roofing is an ideal choice for humid environments, providing lightweight strength, energy efficiency, and an eco-friendly, recyclable option with a sleek aesthetic.


Steel roofing, known for strength and durability, offers excellent protection against extreme weather. Versatile in design, fire-resistant, and cost-effective for both residential and commercial use, it provides a practical solution.


Copper roofing evolves a unique patina over time, offering distinct visual appeal. Highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and low-maintenance, copper roofs are a premium choice for architectural designs.

Metal Roofing Systems We Install

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal roofing features parallel ridges and grooves, offering structural support and resistance to impact. Lightweight, cost-effective, and available in various metals, it’s suitable for diverse settings.

Standing-Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing utilizes interlocking panels for weather resistance and virtually leak-proof performance. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, it offers customization and long-lasting reliability.

Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

Known for easy installation and cost-effectiveness, exposed fastener metal roofing features visible screws for a distinctive pattern. Commonly used in residential, agricultural, and commercial settings, it offers affordability with the potential for increased maintenance over time.

Metal Shingles

Increasingly popular for their durability and energy efficiency, metal shingles mimic the appearance of wood, cedar, slate, or ceramic, providing long-lasting protection against harsh weather and enhancing curb appeal.

The Advantages of Metal Roofing

Here are some of the common reasons why homeowners love opting for metal roofing:

  • Versatility: Customize your home’s aesthetic with the diverse options and styles of metal roofing offered by Brown’s Roofing, allowing you to tailor your roof to complement and enhance your unique architectural preferences.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Make an eco-conscious choice for your home with metal roofing from Brown’s Roofing, often made from recycled materials and fully recyclable at the end of its life, contributing to sustainable practices and reducing your environmental impact.
  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free roofing with minimal upkeep requirements, as metal roofs from Brown’s Roofing are designed for low maintenance, providing homeowners with a reliable and durable solution that requires minimal effort.

Metal Roof FAQs

Are metal roofs noisy during rainstorms?

Contrary to common misconceptions, metal roofs are not significantly noisier than other roofing materials during rainstorms. Proper insulation and installation techniques minimize noise concerns.

Can I install solar panels on a metal roof in Little Rock?

Metal roofs are an excellent platform for solar panel installation, offering a durable and compatible surface to harness solar energy, contributing to energy savings.

How do metal roofs perform in terms of fire resistance?

Metal roofs are fire-resistant, providing an added layer of safety for homes in Little Rock. This feature makes them a practical choice, especially during dry seasons when the risk of wildfires may be a concern.

Your roof is the main defense against the elements and one of the larger financial decisions you’ll make for your home. Our team at Brown’s Roofing can walk you through the best options to fit your needs and then handle the complete installation. Call us today to schedule a free roofing inspection!

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Christy van Reenen
Christy van Reenen
00:47 14 Apr 24
Thank you to Brown's Roofing Arkansas off of Mt Carmel in Bryant! After the hailstorm moved through and damaged our roof and gutters Brown’s made the process very easy from start to finish. They communicated with us every step of the way and did a fantastic job. The roof, the “whirli-gigs”, the gutters, all look great. They were punctual and worked quickly and neatly! They were extremely thorough with the cleanup ane we didnt find any nails or trash that was left behind. They also did the same for two of my neighbors. We all had excellent experiences and would recommend them to friends.
22:46 09 Apr 24
We are very pleased with Josh and his team. They were here when they said they would be and did an amazing job. Removal, installation and cleanup was done very fast and thorough.We have solar panels that had to be removed and reinstalled and Josh didn’t bat an eye. He had that part taken care of the same morning the roof was started and they were placed back the next morning when the roof was completed. ( it got dark on them but they worked as long as they could to finish up)He dealt with the insurance, always a blessing, he kept us updated throughout the entire process and was an honorable guy to work with. He’s a fast responder when we had questions and showed patience when we needed to make decisions.Our roof and gutters look amazing and we would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Todd Smyly
Todd Smyly
13:37 05 Apr 24
We recently chose Brown’s Roofing as contractors for our roof replacement. VERY satisfied with Brown’s and Project Manager, Josh Duprius, as they were fast, friendly and made the process very easy! Recommend very highly! Thanks!Todd Smyly
Sheryl Jackson
Sheryl Jackson
00:28 26 Mar 24
We have recently had our roof replaced with BROWN ROOFING with Josh walking us through the process step by step. Josh is very thorough and responds immediately to texts. He is very concerned about his clients and works diligently to make sure we were pleased with everything! His roofing teams were very conscientious in getting everything done efficiently and their cleanup afterwards was excellent! I would 100% recommend Josh and Brown Roofing if you’re needing to replace your roof. He also met with insurance adjuster to help get our claim approved also. We are very pleased with the final outcome!
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